Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What draws me to certain blogs

I follow a handful of blogs. Mostly stuff I'm interested in personally and a few related to work. There are three core points that make me a repeat visitor to these websites:

1. Fabulous photography.
Tantalising food photography is the main draw. Blogs like and make me want to be a better housewife. (Being a little snarky here). I enjoy looking at beautiful pictures and learning how these bloggers photograph their subjects. Even if I don't really care about what the topic of the day is, I'll go to check out the new pictures.

2. Witty/helpful commentary.
It's not really a blog, per se, but is so witty, it makes me laugh out loud. Not LOL, but actually Laugh. Out. Loud. Another one of my favorite blogs is Besides helping me to save money on baby and kid-related purchases, I appreciate the blog's helpful cheat sheets on the price per diaper to beat. Now that's info I can really use.

3. Attractive site design.
I admit that a pretty website will make me return. If it looks like a Geocities page from 1990, I'll probably never come back. Nice graphics and easy-to-understand navigation are two key features I appreciate. Articulate's Tom Kuhlmann's Rapid eLearning blog fits this definition.The graphics are entertaining, the topics are timely and relate closely to the work that I do and the blog isn't too cluttered with uncessary features or annoying ads.

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